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A Day to Remember Family

By: Edison Han

In Mexico, bakeries will make a particular type of bread that many people like from October to the beginning of November. To prepare for the Day of the Dead, people will typically set up an ofrenda, which will be decorated with colored tissue paper, candles, and catrinas. Somebody will also get out framed pictures of loved ones that died.

Mexicans celebrate the Day of the Dead on November 2. They believe that loved ones that died will visit every year. To guide them, they set up a table, (ofrenda) with the dead's most favorite things and their pictures. They also believed that the dead will use magical senses to reach the table. The Mexicans celebrate with a banquet. They typically make a party for the Day of the Dead, some hosted in graveyards but mostly at home. They will cook a feast and put out clay skeletons (also called catrinas) that will fill the spots on the table of the deceased family members. Then they get together and talk about fun things. After a while, the spirits of family members leave, but they will visit again because we know they will miss their family.

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