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A Day of Watching Tennis

By: Andrew Cheng

On July 30th, the first day of the Citi Open was the only professional tennis tournament in the DC area. As it was also close to my birthday, my friends and I decided to go on the tournament's first day.

Before we left, we were excited to meet players competing at the highest level of tennis in the world, especially since we’d only seen them in video games. We even realized that because videos are created with several pictures, they would be slower and less smooth compared to watching them in real life.

As soon as we got to the tournament area, we went straight to watch some practices among the players. First, we saw the two top 20 players playing a practice tiebreaker. I was shocked just watching them a few feet away from the court. Those two players swung their rackets extremely fast, and the contact between the ball and the tennis strings made a large booming sound. I felt as if like were not hitting a tennis ball; instead, the sound and the fast-paced ball seemed like two players shooting cannonballs toward each other.

After watching the practices, we started to receive autographs from the players. Even though I arrived, before the players came out, it was already crowded outside of the door. I tried so hard until I finally made it to the front position for the autographs. At last, I successfully got autographs from multiple players.

After this experience, I received feedback regarding receiving autographs. Many people think it takes luck, and achieving this is challenging because so many people try simultaneously. But for real, if you ignore the embarrassment, shout and bring the player's attention, you will successfully reach your goal.

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