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A Day of Fighting Demons

By: Yiran Liu

One day in the world of demons and fairies, the fairies lived in harmony with demons while the demons made a lot of trouble. They came every day to harm the fairies by harassing them and stealing food because they were lazy creatures who would not try to work to help themselves.

These demons were the servants of the evil demon king who sought to take over the fairy tribes. No matter how many demons were defeated by the fairies, the demon king would just create more to invade the fairies. The fairy tribe leaders convened and discussed how to defeat the demon. The sun tribe and the moon tribe were chosen to use light to blind the demon king. The earth tribe would create vines to trap the demon, the fire tribe would set him ablaze while bonded by vines, and the water tribe would trap the demon with water bubbles that would not put out the fire.

The fairies first set traps for the demon king to come out of his cave to personally investigate the event. After they lured him out, the tribes executed their plan. The tribes fought fiercely against the king, who was equal in power. Because of the diversity in magical skills between the tribes and their determination to unite to fight the enemy, the tribes defeated the demon. From then on the tribes’ lives were happy without invasions from the demons.

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