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A Day in the Life of a Middle Schooler

By: Arthur Liao

The bell rang as I walked through the door of my Period 2 class. I was immediately jostled by the massive wave of 7th and 8th graders and tried to force my way through. I checked my watch and quietly muttered to myself, “Oh no, I’m going to be late.” I started to think about running and decided it would be safer not to. The teachers were quite eager to give Behavior Reports to new 6th graders who ran. I saw my friend along the way and reached my hand out to high five him. He didn’t see me, so I put my hand down, slightly embarrassed.

As I neared the classroom, students started saying, "We have to go near the library for class today!” I groaned. The walk here was already gruesome, and I wasn’t looking forward to walking across the whole campus again. I grudgingly gathered the little enthusiasm I had left and started walking toward the Design Room near the library.

The teacher, Mrs. Schimdt, was late to her own class and scolded us for being early. (Though we were actually maybe 3 minutes late.). She then made us listen to a boring lecture on school rules which we had listened to about 10 times already that morning. Then she made us fill out some kind of form about the expectations for class: behavior, good grades, and all that blah blah blah. Talk about unfair contracts! The average for this class was 97%, and it was probably the hardest class in the school.

After the class, it was time for science with Mrs. Hall. Mrs. Hall was really nice, and for science we mostly talked about school rules, but after that, we got to make spaghetti towers. Then someone ate one of the noodles and threw up, making Mrs. Hall angry. (although, it was kind of funny.)

Then it was time for lunch, but I had to go to the nurse because an idiot tripped me with his roller backpack. So basically, I was walking down the ramp from the class when some random kid rushed and tripped me with her glittery roller bag. I stumbled over the bag and rammed into the guard rails, leaving a gash across my back. I got an extra-long band-aid then borrowed (stole, actually) some food from my friend since I had missed lunch because of the incident (yes, whoever tripped, I missed my favorite meal of the day because of you!).

I headed toward the library where the school made us do P.E. since it was the beginning of the school year. A few seconds into P.E. a bird flew inside and slammed into the window. I didn’t hear it fall, but I think it died. I dunno, and I don’t want to talk about it. Anyway, during P.E. we just practiced unlocking Master Locks and all that locker room stuff. I’m pretty sure I started the “rumor” that there’s a working TV in the girls locker room. It’s true though so I mean, it’s not really a rumor. Don’t ask how I know this. It’s classified information.

After that it was the last class of the day, Math. Math just had to be on my schedule right after P.E.. How do you focus on Math when you literally just spent an hour playing some games in a sun so hot you can melt your brain and lose 10 pounds of sweat! It’s practically, no it’s impossible, to focus after P.E..

During math, we just did some simple growth and pattern problems, but nothing that interesting. (Obviously, it’s math.)

Anyway, after that the school invited some kind of shaved ice truck to come over. Kona Ice, I think. Pretty decent, but slightly bland. Slightly overrated, but middle schoolers will do anything for good food at school. The line went all the way to the end of the basketball courts, which in total is probably a length of maybe 300 ft? Anyway, the day was pretty good, other than that kid throwing up. (By the way, it reeked.).

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