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A Day at the Beach

By: Boya Hu

The car stops,

I zoom on to the beach to touch the sand.

The second the hot sand touches me,

I cry a sound of relief in my head.

I see

Seagulls cawing,

People chattering...

The beach seems

to always be full of noise!

Beach balls and sand toys,

Rolling out of my car.

Running to the beach,

Just like a rocket.

Sisters come and play

Building sand castles

And stomping them down.

Dad fills up our big bucket,

And we pour it in a circle to make a dam.

When we get bored of the sand,

We run to the water in our swimsuits.

I look for shells

And spot a hermit crab instead!

Liya digs a deep sand hole,

But forgets that it is near the water!

A huge wave splashes on the hole,

And Liya comes to the rescue with a shovel.

Miya sits on the mat,

To enjoy the view.

As I enjoy the scene of Liya making sand holes,

I forget about the fact that I was in water!

A wave comes splashing at me,

Making me swallow a mouth full of sea water!

Liya and Miya both laugh at the sight,

Then stops and stares at the other wave behind me.

Still recovering from the shock,

Another wave comes and making me swallow more water this time!

This time,

Only Liya laughs.

She giggles and throws a pebble,

that she had found in the water.

I get angry,

And throw something back.

“What you throw?!” exclaims Liya,

“I have no idea.” I giggled.

Liya went scattering everywhere

To look for the thing I threw.

Many shells were thrown in to the sea,

Where I was.

A little blue stone was thrown in,

“Stop!” I shouted.

Picking up the little shiny stone,

I heard my parents says that it was time to go home.

I changed and prepared to go home,

With my little free souvenir.

To this day,

I still have my free stone souvenir,

To memorize that wonderful day.

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