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A Crazy Incident That I Disagree With

By: Hanna Qian

It was Saturday morning, and I was getting ready for my piano lesson in the morning. Usually people go and walk their dog or go on a walk. I practiced piano right before my lesson, and my dad and I headed out the house. We barely even got off our street before my dad drove past this old man walking his white fluffy dog. My dad went into the other lane because he didn’t want to run over the man. During that process, the man just yelled at us because we were too close to them. My dad was pissed he now doesn’t like that guy.

A couple days later I was still at school and a police officer came to our front door. He said that this man is super protective of his dog and doesn’t want anyone near it. The officer also said that the man has done this multiple times and told my dad to not worry about anything.

Now my dad will always be careful around people walking on streets.

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