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A Couple Reasons Why I Dislike Summer

By: Bryan Li

I understand many kids absolutely love summer, but I don’t fit into that group. Here are some of the reasons why I don’t enjoy it.

My first reason is the heat. The over 100-degree Texas heat every day drives me completely nuts. I enjoy the cold much more; I can’t sleep if it’s hot. This is especially terrible because I’m a tennis player, and the heat is my number one enemy throughout the summer.

Secondly, there is literally nothing to do. You might say: Isn’t EWJ something for you to do? Well, yes, but other than that, math, and tennis, much of the time I spend either sleeping or scrolling through Amazon.

Next up is the one and only, summer reading and homework for school. I am typically not a reader, but if I find a good book, I can get through 50 pages in 30 minutes. However, the homework for school and summer reading is incredibly time consuming. I’m here trying catch up on sleep from the school year; I just don’t have the time to read.

Finally, I miss my friends so much. I haven’t seen my school friends since we went to Dave & Buster’s, which happened the second week of summer. We had so many smiles and laughs together, so summer is quite sad without them.

You know what they say: “make the best out of everything.” And I’ve tried; this summer might be one of the best I’ve had so far. Jet skiing, CYC, and volleyball are some highlights. Well, I guess I’ll have to make the best out of this before the summer ends.

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