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A Cool Backyard

By Hanna Qian

In winter there are many things to do outside. Living in Canada makes winter a bit more fun and creative. Some people usually play hide-and-seek, or run around chasing their dog. In Canada some people see this a little differently. They build ice rinks! With a ton of snow on the ground in the winters Canadians start building ice rinks that melt in the spring.

One person who likes to build ice rinks is a 10 year old boy named Oliver. His dad, who lives with him in Vancouver, made an ice rink for his son. He knew he would like it because Oliver plays hockey, which is the most played sport in Canada. The family got an inspection person to see if the ice was really ready to be skating on. The next day, Oliver and his dad were playing all day. His dad thought it was a pretty good birthday present, because Oliver's birthday was right around the corner.

Many Canadians think this is fun but also dangerous. Most people want to get an inspector to make sure the ice is safe enough to skate on. Some people just make an ice rink and end up not being a careful person and just letting their kids skate on the ice. Sometimes it ends up not horrible, but other times people fall through the ice and get stuck or something like that. So, just to be careful, Canadians always should make sure it’s safe for their children to play hockey or whatever sport on the ice.

There are many things to do in the winter in Canada. Many kids that would know how to ice skate would help their parents to build an ice rink, but people should always make sure it’s safe enough. What would you do if you lived in Canada?


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