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A Cloud

By: Jasmine Jiang

A cloud hanging in the thundering sky,

Showering me with tears and moistening my eyes.

With breathless sighs, it creeps up my spine,

Leaving nothing behind, not even a reply.

Hiding away in the clouds full of guilt,

Impulsive thoughts sail in the air.

My mind full of regret, I ask myself,

Who am I and why am I here?

Now I’m here full of sorrow and guilt,

Like I’m all burnt out and out of place.

I’m weak and packed with emptiness,

It’s no use… I should just float out to space.

The clouds have come, and come again,

To bring me back to tears.

How long will it take for it to be gone?

Perhaps all of my years.

All my life I’ve had this feeling.

This feeling is such a strong force,

But now I know what it is,

It shall be REMORSE.

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