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A Child’s Adventure

By: Sarah Wang

I cut out cardboard pieces with delight.

Colorful paper, I rip and tear.

I’m constructing my rocket ship tonight.

Adjusting the wings, preparing for flight.

Outer space had better beware,

As my sturdy ship is full of might.

With the press of a button, the engine ignites.

My rocket shoots into the air.

I look out my window and take in the sights.

There’s a kaleidoscopic planet, large and bright.

I planned to deploy there.

My rocket lands on the planet upright.

I stomp onto the surface with might.

A martian appears and gives me a scare.

It seems friendly, not wanting to fight.

I creep closer, approaching with fright.

Make a sound? I do not dare.

It is familiar at final sight,

For it is Mom, smiling warm and bright.

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