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A Cat's Perspective

By: Hannah Yang

I peered out the window of my tiny apartment and saw another fellow cat downstairs. I watched as humans bustled around, admiring us through the cage door and using fake mice to taunt us. I perked up as a human approached me. She eyed my paws as if they were too small. I was a Munchkin, which meant I had short, stubby legs. The human rumbled something to herself and walked out. I turned away; humans never pay much attention to us anyway.

A few days later, it was cleaning time, which meant that the humans who took care of us in the shelter would let us out while they cleaned our cages. As I was let out, I meowed at the human indignantly because I knew he didn't care about us at all, and he pushed me aside and continued clearing out the other cages.

As I was sleeping peacefully, something tapped on the glass softly. I opened my eyes and saw a human girl. She was the first human that looked mildly interested in our existence. I stood up, stretched my back, and pawed at the glass for effect. The girl opened the door and told the worker something. The worker nodded and continued doing whatever humans do. The girl came over to me, and I instinctively crouched and hissed. Still, she picked me up, put me in a bag, and walked out of my home.

The ride on the human mobile was bumpy. I was nauseous, unhappy, and uncomfortable. "Was this how humans moved around? If it is, even I can muster a little sympathy for them", I thought. The mobile suddenly stopped, and I was carried outside. I desperately scratched at the small bag, trying to jump out. I was quickly taken into the human's house into a new life as a house pet.

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