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A Camping Trip to Yosemite

By: Boya Hu

My entire family went on a trip to Yosemite National Park for two days. The first day turned out to be great. However, on the second day I began to not enjoy it. It was a four-hour road trip to Yosemite. I was able to survive in the third row, despite the windy road.

When we got to Yosemite Valley, we were on the Upper Pines’ campsite number 86. It was a bit smaller than I had expected. I helped to set up the tent, which was very hard and dirty. We built another tent for my grandmother. My Dad said that he wouldn’t want grandma squeezing with us—we had five people in the tent, -Daddy, Mommy, Liya, Miya, and me. After we finished building the tents, we started the campfire and I helped to collect the dried leaves to make the fire bigger. We had roasted lamb stew and roasted bread, as usual. It was delicious!

After we ate, we took a stroll around the nearest food station, Curry Village. Later, we all got tired and went back to our campsite. I couldn’t sleep because of all the excitement. Daddy said that I should close my eyes for some time, so I would fall asleep soon. This actually worked and I was soon asleep. The next day, I woke up very early at 6 o’clock, but the rest of my family woke up even earlier than me.

Daddy made us some porridge and noodles. We had a pot that ran on gas so we could eat warm food. After we had cleaned up and stored everything in our Bear Box, we decided to climb up all the way to Vernal Fall. At first, I felt excited to climb all the way to Vernal Fall, but it wasn’t as fun as I thought. We had to hike up 1.6 miles. At the beginning, I thought that it would be simple, but it was actually all uphill! I thought we would just walk in a flat ground just like the Bridalveil Fall.

In the beginning, I was still very steady in hiking the Vernal Fall. Later, I began to get slower and slower. After we had left my grandma to take care of my baby sister, I began to beg to stop hiking the Vernal Fall. My mom and dad forced me to keep climbing, but I didn’t even want to walk a step up. After what seemed like a million years, I had reached the part where I would become soaking wet due to the waterfall mist.

I trudged along the wet, slippery, stone steps as I listened to the sound of loud water dropping. Panting as I hiked, I stepped up the last stair with my parents. My dad said that we should not continue because it was going to be hard to climb up to the summit since it was very steep, and my sister was crying loudly. We took some pictures and marveled at the view of the Vernal Fall.

When we were going down, I felt both tired and happy. I felt happy because I had accomplished something big. Going down was much faster than going up. As we strolled down, Liya slowly stopped crying. When Miya woke up, I told her everything that happened. After I told her everything, she looked very scared, because I had been shouting in her face when she had just woken up. Sometime later, she became calmer.

My mom said that going up the mountain took 2 hours while, going down only took 20 minutes. I giggled at that remark. When we were down, I was very happy to return to the Upper Pines, and our campsite, so I could rest in our tent. I sort of cried because, to me, it was a relief of happiness to get down. We also had to eat a lot of watermelon, since we bought a big one when we went to the campsite, and we did not want to bring it home.

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