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A Boy Who Met a Deer That Was Asking for Help

By: Ming Jia

One beautiful Autumn evening, nine-year-old Jacoby was jogging down the street next to a forest. When he was running, he saw something. It was a baby deer! But something was odd about this deer. At first, he didn’t notice, but a few seconds later, he realized it wasn’t running away from him. Instead, it got closer to him. It kept going in circles around him, but Jacoby didn’t know what the deer was trying to do. He tried walking away, but the baby deer kept following him. He didn’t know what to do until he noticed the deer kept looking in one direction. He went in that direction and the deer went ahead of him.

He followed the baby deer and it led him to an extremely tiny mysterious room. Jacoby pushed the door open and realized it was a glowing green portal. When he was still observing the portal, the deer darted into the glowing green portal. Soon, curiosity took over and he stepped into the portal. On the other side, it was a meadow surrounded by a forest. He found the deer and kept following it, and soon they were in the forest. The deer kept going until it found a certain tree and the deer stopped. It just stared at the tree. He looked at the tree and saw another deer with its antlers tangled in the tree.

He started going home to get something to cut the branches. Later when he was home, he got some scissors and tried cutting a branch in the forest. He needed pruners. He went outside into the backyard, but it was too late. He found the pruners and the next day, he ventured outside. He went to the door and when he found out that the door was destroyed. He tried finding the deer, but he couldn’t find it. Then, Jacoby realized that the door was a completely different color door. Then, he went back and then searched the forest for the door. Minutes later, he found the deer. He then followed the deer and then found the door. Soon he stepped in and then followed the deer to the other deer. He got the pruners and cut the branches. When the deer was finally they went to a certain spot and started digging.

The deers dug up diamonds and said, “Thank you.” “You can talk?” exclaimed Jacoby. “Yeah, we can talk in moonlight meadow, but not on earth,” they replied. “What are these diamonds for?” he asked.

“They’re for you!” the deers replied. “Thank you!” Jacoby shouted.

Later Jacoby got home with the diamonds. Not long after, he and his parents became rich, gave the deers a new home and food, and they all lived happily ever after.

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