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A Blistering Heat Wave Reaches Japan

By: Alvin Fang

On July 2, 2022, a blistering heat wave lasting 8 days hit Japan, with temperatures above higher than 95°F and even reaching up to 104°F. The last time a temperature that hot struck is way back in 1975.

Many people have died from the heat wave, and over 4,500 have had to be hospitalized. The heat wave is especially devastating for people over 65 because of their vulnerability to heat.

Some officials have even asked citizens to take of their mask if they are outdoors.

Furthermore, many authorities have said that they should be staying indoors most of the time and to also use umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun.

There have been many social changes in Japan due to the heat wave as hell. People have agreed to limit the use of electricity when possible, with many people even going to work with all lights off. People have buying a fan to use if they were going around outside, and some people have had to even change their refrigerator temperature to save some electricity!

Heat waves have been getting hotter and lasting longer these days because of climate changes. The average temperature for Japan during summer is about 70 to 90 °F, but during the heat wave it rose up to about 90 to 100 °F, and it doesn’t seen to be stopping.

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