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A blind old dog was found in Alaska three weeks after wandering off

By: April Yan

An old, blind golden retriever has finally been returned to her beloved family. The dog, having been lost for three weeks, was found in some salmonberry bushes near a construction crew. The dog, Lulu, was in rough shape when she got home.

Lulu became lost on June 18. The whole Kubacki family went to look for her for days since she was very dear to them. “She means everything,” owner Ted Kubacki said. “I have five daughters, and they’re 4 to 13 years old, so they’ve spent every day of their life with that dog.”

After searching for a long time, the family had given up hope of finding Lulu. One night, someone sent them a message saying they had found Lulu. Initially, the Kubacki family was elated until they discovered that the statements were false.

“We put the kids to bed and got a text saying, ‘We found your dog,’ or ‘I have your dog,’ and we’re like, ‘Oh my god, this is incredible,’” he said. “Then the person texted me, ‘Just kidding.’

“This happened, yeah, that was all part of this terrible story,” says Ted. The family was devastated.

A few weeks later, a construction crew found Lulu hiding in some salmonberry bushes. At first, the team thought she was a bear, but they discovered she was a dog upon close inspection. They soon returned her to her family, and everyone rejoiced.

Despite their initial excitement, there was one problem. After wandering by herself for so long, Lulu was very weak. “I just expected to come back and be like, ‘Hey, here’s my dog.’ She’s going to jump up and wag her tail and kiss my face, and she couldn’t even pick up her head,” Ted said. “She’d been through the wringer.”

But, after a few days of love and care, Lulu was almost back on her feet. However, Ted was worried about the veterinarian’s bill. Luckily, he soon found out that the neighbors were donating money to try and help pay the bills. With all the support and care, Lulu will be as good as before.


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