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A Blind Dog in Alaska is Found After 3 Weeks

By: Alvin Xu

An Alaskan family lost their blind dog on June 18. The dog’s name is Lulu, and her owner is Ted Kubacki. The family searched for Lulu for weeks after she went missing, but they could not find her. The family gave up hope at last.

Someone sent a text message after they searched for Lulu for a few days. The text said, “We found your dog,” or “I have your dog.” Kubacki and his family thought, “Oh my god, this is incredible.” But sadly, the person sent another message: “Just kidding.” That’s a really terrible joke. It didn’t help the family at all.

On Tuesday, a construction crew saw Lulu lying in salmonberry bushes not far from her home. She’d been gone for three weeks. She was 15 feet (4.57 meters) toward the bottom of an embankment. The crew thought she was a bear. Kubacki said, “They got a closer look and they realized that it was a dog, and they got her out of there.”

Lulu was barely alive after she was found, but she is slowly shifting back into her normal health after she was given back to her family, the Daily Sitka Sentinel said. Ted Kubacki said that “She’s just so helpless, and you kind of imagined that she can’t get real far because she can’t see.” He also said that “She means everything. I have five daughters, and they’re 4 to 13 years old, so they’ve spent every day of their life with that dog.”

All the sadness turned to joy when Lulu returned home!


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