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A Big Happy Family

By: Alex Wang

In the warmth of kinship's embrace, we find,

A tapestry of love, unique and kind,

A family, a circle, bound by heart,

Where every thread weaves dreams, a work of art.

Through seasons' dance, we stand together,

In stormy weather, or sunny weather,

A fortress built with bonds of care,

Unyielding strength, beyond compare.

In tiny hands, the legacy begins,

A symphony of laughter, where joy wins,

Through whispered secrets and playful games,

A universe of love, it proclaims.

With elders' wisdom, tales of old,

A tapestry enriched, its story told,

A lineage, a lineage that weaves its lore,

Through generations, forevermore.

In challenges faced, we find support,

A harbor safe, where hearts exhort,

In sorrow's shadow, love's light shines,

A beacon is strong, as one combines.

Though paths diverge, we journey on,

A constellation bright, our bond not gone,

For family's intense feelings transcends the miles,

Connected still, with gleaming smiles.

In celebrations, we unite,

A chorus of voices, hearts ignite,

Through ups and downs, and highs and lows,

A tapestry of love, forever grows.

So cherish family, hold them near,

With every laugh, with every tear,

For in this web of love, we find,

The essence of life, forever entwined.

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