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A Big Blue Marlin Got Disqualified

By: Yiran Liu

One day, a big blue marlin, weighing more than 500 pounds was caught by a boat called “Sensation.” When it was entered in the Big Rock Blue Marlin fishing tournament, it got disqualified because it was mutilated and bitten by a shark on the tail.

When the marlin was caught, it seemed that it would be the winning catch. Captain Greg McCoy and the “Sensation” team caught a marlin weighing 619.4 pounds. The team was excited about the reward of such an animal. When they were telling their victorious story to officials in the tournament, judges observed a bite near the marlin's tail. As a result, the marlin got disqualified from the tournament. "I've never really been a money guy, but that paycheck would have been really nice. But you just, you know, we're not gonna get our plaque on the Big Rock fountain there," McCoy told local TV station WNCT. "It's a tough pill to swallow."After the disqualification, the first place went to Sushi, the team that brought in a marlin weighing 484.5 pounds, winning more than $2.7 million.

During an argument among officials from the tournament, the 2019 tournament was discussed when a team named Top Dog entered a fish that weighed over 900 pounds. Visual evidence from the site revealed that the fish had suffered significant damage from an "exhaust rash" on one side. Yet, Top Dog was still named the winner that year despite the team’s fear the fish might rip apart.

Though Sushi was declared the winner, Sensation owner Ashley Bleau has filed a protest over the marlin’s disqualification.

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