A Baked Journey

By: Jonathan Xu

Their fragrant births, from the fiery infernos of the bakery oven.

Every one of them are special in their own way,

Created by the bakery master, only to be sold out to mysterious strangers...

Never to be seen again.

Each of them jostles in their own compartment,

Innocent until the very last moment.

Every halo of sugar and dough pondering

The fate of every fledgling.

Their pure souls quiver in anticipation for the moment

Which they are selected by a stranger

And taken to an unknown world on a fantastic expedition.

Or so they thought.

They would do just anything to discover their purpose of this world.

Their curiosity intensifying by each passing day.

Gnawing at their minds

Like what was bound to happen to them one day...

The moment the baker selects the baked ring,

Its heart leaps with joy and excitement.

Wondering what magnificent adventure lies ahead of them.

Oh, how wrong could one be.

When the realization comes, it hits them like a truck.

During the final seconds of their lives,

They hope it is just a bad dream

And pray that they are not about to be—


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