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A Bad Day

By: Grace Ge

The story started when I overslept, and woke up half an hour late. I was supposed to get up at 6:30 AM, but instead, woke up at 7:00 AM. I had a bad case of morning hair, and dunked my head in a plastic wash basin. That part was fast, but it took 30 minutes to dry. While waiting, I changed, fried an egg, and got a yogurt, spoon, and fork. Then I brushed my semi-dry hair. I ate breakfast after brushing, and my hair was dry by then. It was 7:30. My bus and parents left for work at 7:00. I slipped on my backpack and shoes, grabbed my bike, and rushed out the door.

I biked for 2 minutes, 3 times faster than walking, to the nearest bus stop. I mounted my bike on the rack, and boarded the bus. 15 minutes later, I arrived at my stop. I removed my bike from the rack, and biked another 15 minutes to school. Usually, I don’t use the bike rack, so it took me 5 minutes to find it. Jamming my bike into the loop wave style rack, I raced inside the school. Walking briskly, I found my locker. Entering the combination code, I fished out my social studies materials and stuffed my backpack into the locker. 7:43 now, I was worried. School started at 7:45.

Bam! Slamming down my stuff, I plopped into my seat, panting. Phew! It was 7:45, I right on time. No sooner than I had sat down, the teacher came in. She asked us for our Egypt essay homework. Oops! I had forgotten to grab that from my desk this morning in my rush to get out. Curious eyes followed me as I explained that I forgot my paper. The teacher pursed her lips, then scribbled on a tiny sheet of paper, handing me the detention slip.

Great…. Just. Great. On the bright side, there was time to catch up on school work. At least the rest of first period went fine. Second period was also alright. But during third period, I asked to be excused to use the restroom. On my way there, I slipped on a wet spot that didn’t have a wet floor caution sign. Coming back, I slipped again.

Fourth period was fine, but lunch was a mess. The lunch was horrible. The mac n’ cheese was lumpy, the broccoli was hard, and the roast chicken was salty. I ended up getting a tiny bit of everything, alongside a semi-brown banana. I stepped on a napkin and nearly slipped, but managed to plant my other foot on the ground in time. My food wasn’t as lucky. It somersaulted and landed with a splat on the gleaming floor. Hunching my shoulders, I cleaned up the mess. Then I waited by the conveyor belt to avoid getting teased.

Advisory and fifth period was fine. Sixth period math was embarrassing. I announced the wrong answer in front of the whole class! A lot of people couldn’t help snickering. I had flushed red and returned to my seat.

Detention was actually okay because I got to catch up on homework and schoolwork. I rode back home after detention because my parents didn’t have space or a rack for the bike.

Dragging the bike up the stairs to the house’s door. I opened it and stepped inside, leaving the bike just inside the doorway. Suddenly, someone screamed “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” I had totally forgotten that it was my birthday! One of my friends was the one who shouted “HAPPY BIRHTDAY!” Me and my friends all partied until 7:00 PM! Overall, it was a horrible day, but something fun happened at the end!

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