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By: Zerlina Tang

The last standing Yaksha

In his bounds of

Sharp red strings

That cut his flesh

Demonic energy swirls around him

Eating his soul up

And destroying everything that crosses paths with him

His thirst of dreams that are to devour

He has become the monster he was meant to slay

No living being escapes his presence alive

A glimmer of golden light surrounds him

The Yaksha raises his head

His eyes flash

Anger? Fury? Or perhaps…


The Geo Lord approaches

His eyes radiating golden power


The last survivor of your kind.

I offer you protection

And ease you in your suffering.

In return,

You shall fight in the Archon War

And pledge your loyalty

To me.”

The Yaksha’s eyes amber widens as he rises

“An offer…?”

The lust in his eyes

Disappears for a mere second

“In other fables

Xiao is a spirit

That has suffered

But still endures the pain

No matter the cost

You will be known as that name

From now on


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