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By: Emily Chu



- a thing that has the ability to shake the world,

with wistful language that can

manipulate people into doing anything

- a thing that has the ability to make love and hate,

the thing that can give you strength

to not be knocked down.

- a thing that needs to be taken care of

to be delivered properly

- a thing that is created by the human race to inflict harm on each other,

to create unnecessary conflict, wars, bruises,

and much alike

- a thing that creates communication and

understanding between humans,

but whether humans have learned

to understand each other, I am not sure.

- a thing that has the ability to compose and write stories filled with

wild imagination, fantasies, and things so perfect they make you

want to believe and live in that imaginary world;

a thing that makes you want to forget who you are

and make irrational conclusions

- a thing that has the ability to tell the truth but also lies,

to feed information into people’s brains

so they are indoctrinated, so that they will do anything

- a thing that makes people believe that they are the best,

that they are the rulers of the universe

and that they are the only intelligent life form in the universe

- a thing that gives insight into the real world,

and not the matrix we are living in right now;

a thing that tells you the most horrible truth:

that your whole life is a lie

But, you ask, why should I trust words if they tell so many lies?

And my answer to that, is that you can’t trust everything in life.

including yourself.

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