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By: Tristan Yuen

where is your warmth Love

your wrath or your anger

boiling and weltering like

a raging blue sea

or your kindness Love

to which I am drawn

like a man burning

cigarettes to rid of

his addiction but

becoming addicted

to the flames and fumes

I am addicted to

your smile whilst running

from your wiles Love yet

I too am addicted

to your cunning and

wits of a lioness

of your strength and

your weakness your

glee and your sadness

but Love most of all

I love you Love your

love and mine our love

and ours only Love so

where have you gone Love

away from my love or

to his love where

you must think it

warmer somehow my

love must be stronger

my addiction greater

for how if not that

could I hurt so much

without your presence

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