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By: Jason Shen

Many have wondered what the meaning of life is. In this story, I will try to find the true meaning of life and the main point for us to live.

Day 1: Today I woke up and thought to myself, what is it like to live the life that God intends us to? I went downstairs thinking to myself before coming up with a few different ideas. One of them was growing up with your parents until the age of 18, finding a partner for life, and having the source of economy be trading.

I thought the answer was pretty reasonable, then I realized, what is the meaning of the life that has been gifted to us? I thought for a while, coming up with multiple possibilities, but I didn't feel like any of them could actually be the right answer. I went to the internet thinking about the problem and many of the sites said that they thought the true meaning of life is love– I kind of agree with the answer.

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