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By: Aurora He

I have a big furry ball,

With a pink nose and a white belly.

She’s my friend and darling,

Someone so precious and dear.

The ball’s name is Kiki,

A creature that plays two roles,

My friend and my baby.

Her fur is a gentle storm of grey,

And a belly white like clouds.

Her whiskers twitch,

Ready to explore.

With eyes like emerald gems,

She melts my heart to the very core.

Kiki's paws tiptoe on the ground,

A graceful dancer in every way.

She leaps and bounces without a sound,

Brightening up each day.

In the mornings, her eyes gleam,

As she greets me with a gentle meow.

We play together, side by side,

Her little whiskers, oh so cute.

When the night falls, and the moon rises,

Kiki curls in a cozy ball,

In my arms.

A furry friend,

loyal and true.

Can you guess who she is?

A cat!

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