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By: Yuning Xiang

Once upon a time, a fish met a sea anemone. The anemone was lonely and hadn’t met anyone for the past 42 years.

“Oui mate,” said the sea anemone.

“Hello,” said the fish.

Then the sea anemone was lonely for the next 113 years. A jellyfish then met the sea anemone.

“Jellyfish, what’s over there?”

“There’s a city with people and animals up there.”


The anemone was depressed for the next 35 years, until a turtle showed up.

“Turtle what’s over there?”

“There’s a tunnel that connects one side of the bay to the other.”

Sea anemones don't move, so he had to wait for the mud to slowly push him into the pipe. It took the anemone 4.75 years, and he became depressed after he came out of the pipe. There was just more mud.

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