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By: Alvin Fang

Fall is here again this season,

Leaves fall again for no reason.

Raking all day every day,

I don’t like it in any way.

At least my birthday is coming soon,

I’ll celebrate with 100 balloons.

It’s getting colder from summer to fall

The temperature is dropping and all

At the end of October is Halloween,

And on the 24th of November is Thanksgiving.

Two holidays during the Fall

1 I like and 1 I do not like at all

Trees are turning colorful,

At least that's not so dull

Although I have to work all-day

I like Fall in mostly all the ways.

There's Halloween and Thanksgiving

There's even my birthday when I’ll turn keen

Even my dad's birthday is coming

In the fall it’s always raining

The moral of the poem is…

Even though there are negatives

Try and look at the positives.

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