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By: Selena Zhu

The cat is a domestic animal. Its scientific name is Felis Catus. It is a small animal that belongs to the “Felidae” family. Other members of this family include tigers and panthers. However, the cat is the only domesticated species of the family. Cats are adorable animals and are petted by lots of people all around the world. They are playful and spending time with them reduces stress and anxiety significantly.

There are three types of cats: house cats, farm cats and feral cats. House cats are the cats we pet in our houses. Farm cats, on the other hand, take care of mice in barns. Cats can become good friends with humans. Unlike dogs, cats are not very active around their owners. However, they are still good emotional companions to their owners.

Cats have very cute features. They usually have two beautiful eyes, adorably tiny paws, sharp claws, and two perky ears that are very sensitive to sounds. Cats have a tiny body covered with smooth fur, and the cat has a furry tail as well. Cats also have an adorable face with a tiny nose, a big mouth and a few whiskers under their nose. Cats are generally white in color but can also be brown, black, grey, cream or buff.

Cats are omnivores. They eat vegetative foods such as rice, milk, and pulses. Cats also eat fish, meat, birds and mice. Therefore, cats can feed on both types of food, meat and vegetables.

Cats are considered sacred in several cultures such as the Japanese culture. Cats are often depicted as symbols of wit and honor. Several folktales include stories about the intelligence of cats.

Apart from being clever and sweet, cats are also skillful hunters. They use their sharp, pointed nails and canines (teeth) to kill animals like snakes, mice and small birds. Cats are also helpful to their owners as they protect the household from pesky rats.

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