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By: Enoch Yeo

“Bob, Bob!” Bob Lyiad’s mother, Vianne, called.

Bob was rolling on the ground, full of laughter. He laughed for couple of minutes. At last, after composing himself, Bob stood up.

“You were laughing like a donkey. What were you laughing at?” the widow asked.

“What? Oh, sorry, hehe,” Bob responded, drying the tears form his eyes.

“So, what are you laughing at?” Vianne persisted.

“I found jokes online, and they are HILARIOUS!” Bob responded.

Vianne eyed the computer suspiciously.

“What are they?”

“Why do nurses frequently have to buy red crayons?”


“Because they always have to DRAW blood!!!!” Bob exclaimed while snorting like a horse.

His mother merely rolled her eyes. Bob started wheezing.

“Ok, here is a better one. Why do seagulls fly overseas?” Bob asked.

His mother just stared at him, knowing it was another extremely cheesy joke.

“Because if they flew over bays, they would be called BAGELS!” he blurted.

Seeing her own son laughing in such a hilarious way, Vianne smiled.

“Alright, son. I think we will take a break on these cringe jokes.”

“What, aren’t they hilarious? You see, I just love bad puns. It is just how EYE roll!!”

Again, he rolled on the floor.

“Ok, ok, son, let’s get back to school. You didn’t finish mathematics yet.”

Still gasping with joy, Bob slowly went back to his desk. After only a few moments, however, Vianne heard her son call her again. She hurriedly walked up to her son’s desk.

“I can’t get this question on the quiz. It says I am wrong.”

Vianne looked at her son’s computer.

She read out loud. “How much dirt is in a hole two feet deep, three feet long, and four feet wide? Well, two times three times four is twenty-four. I don’t see what is wrong with this question.”

“That is what I put in,” Bob added. “And it says I was wrong.”

“Oh, I get it now!” Vianne exclaimed. “How much dirt is in a hole! A hole should have NO dirt in it, so the answer should be zero.”

This time, both the son and the mother laughed, as if they had been fooled. How joyous it is to be with one’s family!

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