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9-1-1. Happened on September 11, 2001. Terrorist Attack.

By: Anna Wang

This is Anna Wang reporting on the disaster 21 years ago! This was a catastrophic disaster of the terrorist attacks that hit four different places in the U.S. east coast. It was said that it was hijacked by people from a gang called al Qaeda.

You probably have heard of their leader, Osama Bin Laden. There will be a picture of him on the bottom of this article. You see, Bin Laden ALWAYS HATED America. If he did have a bucket list, destroying America would be on top.

From my perspective what the terrorists did was bizarre! Outrageous! Thousands of people died due to them! Why would they even want to give up their own lives to destroy others? It’s almost like Bin Laden gave them a pill or something to make them get mind-controlled!

I really do hope that these kinda acts can end! We have risked so many brave souls to help defend our country!

Still today, many people honor what happened 21 years ago. No matter how good the world is getting not everyone can change! These acts will never stop happening! They can decrease or increase! Let’s hope it’s decreasing though!

I think that these attacks are part of life because if it wasn’t for these acts then we wouldn’t know that there is still improvement that we can squeeze through!

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