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600 Pound Marlin Gets Disqualified

By: John Yang

At the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament in North Carolina, a boat named Sensation caught a ginormous blue marlin weighing over 600 pounds. Everyone at the competition thought that Sensation’s fish would be the winner. However, later it was discovered that the fish was bitten by an animal and mutilated, which meant that the fish would be disqualified

Crew members aboard the Sensation claimed not to see anything go near the fish. The crowd at the competition was erupting with shouts when the bite was found.

First place instead went to a boat called Sushi, which caught a blue marlin weighing 484.5 pounds. The prize was $2.7 with an extra $739,500 bonus for the first boat to catch a marlin over 500 pounds. Unfortunately, Sushi’s fish didn’t weigh enough.

Sensation owner Ashley Bleau has filed a protest over the disqualification. Ashley and other critics of the decision to disqualify Sensation's catch cited the 2019 contest when a boat called Top Dog caught a blue marlin weighing over 900 pounds. Top Dog’s fish was in extremely bad shape but was giant. One crew member on Top Dog even said how his worst fear was the blue marlin ripping apart on the scale.

The blue marlin that Sensation caught was expected to win, but instead received a disqualification.

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