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57 Injured in Bus Crash


57 people were hospitalized after a nasty tour bus crash on the New York Thruway. Many people were little kids. Ximena Urrego was the one who arranged the trip. But, it turned out to be a disaster. A lot of the people were hurt after this crash and there were some really serious injuries. Urrego herself nearly died because of the crash. She had a piece of glass in her eye and she also tore her spine. So, she will need back surgery. The driver Fermin Vasquez was the driver of the bus. He drove the bus the entire way during their trip to Niagara Falls. He also was injured during the crash. The case is still uncertain about how the bus veered off the road during the trip but New York State troopers say that there were white papers around the bus found on the side of the road. All in all, this bus crash was bruta.

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