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5 people in underwater Titanic expedition have been lost at sea

By: Sophie Wang

Five billionaires went to see the Titanic shipwreck. The ship departed on June 18, 2023. After the expedition went down 700 km, the sensor of the submersible was undetected. The company, OceanGate. lost the support vessel after it had been underwater for about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Every country was sent to search and to check on where the ship was. The next day, England sent an emergency contact to all countries for help. The United States and Canada were in efforts to search and help. They sent aircrafts and planes and ships. The five people had limited oxygen—they could only breathe for 96 hours. Once they ran out of oxygen, the passengers would die.

On Tuesday, the Canadian aircraft heard a clunking noise and they thought this sound was unrelated to the search for OceanGate, but it could have been. Two Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) were on the boat, ready to go down to detect the submersible.

The submersible was made out of metal and other minerals. However, the pressure was so heavy that the submersible imploded. The submersible was crushed under the weight of the water and combusted in half a millisecond.

After checking, there was no evidence of Titan. Mauger wanted a meeting of the submersible, where it is, and what happened. Alas, one day an aircraft found the pieces of the submersible, and it has been indicated that the 5 passengers have died.

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