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5 of the fastest women 400 freestyle times in the world

By: Charlie Wang

These are the top five fastest female 400-meter freestyle time in the world, and none of them exceeds 04:01.00.

Coming in 5th place is Joanne Jackson from Great Britain. She was clocked in fifth because of her astonishing 400m freestyle time in a 50-meter pool. She swam a 4:00.60 run in 2009 which is incredible but places her just shy of the coveted top 3 record. She might not have a strong point in the 50-meter pool, but she will dominate any swimmer in a 25-meter pool. She broke the WR in Great Britain on October 8th, 2009, by going a 3:54.92. If this was a 25-meter record list, then she would be at the top of every list.

In fourth place we have Summer McIntosh, a swimmer from Canada that is very talented in swimming, especially the 400m freestyle. Her 400-freestyle time was 3:59.39. While this time is milliseconds from the previous one, the astonishing part of this record is that she achieved this at the age of 15! Everyone that is faster than her is over the age of 20. She is quite the impressive 15-year-old, especially in comparison to an average kid her age!

We are getting into the top 3, so get ready for some surprising times. In third place, we have Federica Pellegrini. Federica is from Italy, and she achieved 3.59.15 at the age of 20.

She was the previous record holder until Katie Ledecky, USA swimmer broke her record in 2016. Because Pellegrini’s long distance wasn’t her strong suit, she began racing the 400m and shorter. In her best event, the 200 freestyle, she even beat Katie Ledecky by going a 1:54.73

Coming in second is 12-time world record holder Katie Ledecky. She is incredible at long distances like the 800 and the mile. However, in the 400m race, she lost her top spot to Ariane Titmus by 6 hundredths of a second. Katie Ledecky said, “I wanted to push to the point of pain tonight.” Katie Ledecky is one of the world’s fastest female swimmer.

This is the fastest female swimmer in 400 free in the world. She started off 2022 beating the old-world record by 6 hundredths of a second... Ariane Titmus! Ariane swims for Australia and she beat the old-world record while setting a record in 2022. The previous record holder was the time of 3:56.46 held by Katie Ledecky in 2016. But Ariane smashed the record by going 3:56.40 in 2022. Ariane is also by far one the fastest female swimmer in the world.

So, who will be brave enough to take on these swimmers? Let’s see who takes the next record spot!


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