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5 of Dream’s Most Amazing Minecraft Clutches!

By: Alvin Xu

Dream is a very popular American YouTuber, and he has done a lot of Minecraft clutches and Speedruns. Minecraft is a very popular video game. A Speedrun is when a player tries to beat the game as quickly as possible. A Minecraft clutch is amazing Minecraft skills or talent.

Dream is very good at Minecraft, and his friends always act surprised when Dream plays them in a Manhunt. A Manhunt is where a certain number of players try to stop one player from beating the game.

Dream often wins his Manhunts and defeats his friends. The top 5 of Dream’s most amazing Minecraft clutches are:

1. One of Dream’s most unbelievable Minecraft clutches: the boat clutch. It requires a ton of skill and practice. The clutch is demoed in the video Minecraft Speedrunner VS 5 hunters. Dream towers up to safety to make a furnace and cook food. But Sapnap, Dream’s friend, also towers up after Dream and jumps on Dream’s tower, knocking Dream down. While Dream is falling, he crafts a boat to escape, puts the boat on the floor, and gets inside it, surprising all the Manhunters. This is very hard because the crafting table is only open for a short period. It is one of the most genius stunts that Dream has done in Minecraft.

2. Riding a Ghast is a very hard skill to master. This takes place in the video called Minecraft Speedrunner VS 5 Hunters Rematch. A battle is taking place in the Nether, where there are dangerous mobs and lava all over the place. As Dream is being chased, he decides to go to a cliff and do his boat MLG, a Minecraft skill. It helps players to get farther and to get less damage while falling. It is done by right-clicking to get on the boat and then pressing shift to get off the boat and doing this over and over again to wait for the boat to fall a little bit every time Dream gets off. As he jumps through the air, he lands on a moving Ghast. This is amazing because nobody knew that players could land on these special types of mobs. It was also very amazing as he did his perfect falling.

3. This is a stunt that takes knowledge and engineering, as Dream makes a flying machine. This is also in the video Minecraft Speedrunner VS 5 Hunters Rematch. Everybody makes it to the End City. Dream makes a boat that takes him to the End City. He becomes loaded with OP items, like an elytra he found in chests. Rather than fighting the Ender Dragon, he turns the table on his friends.

4. Against 4 hunters, Dream has a task. But all 4 of the hunters decide to get fully enchanted armor first. Dream creates a Nether Portal on the Nether Roof, forcing the 4 hunters to chase him. But he throws an Ender Eye and teleports to the portal and uses TNT to explode the portal just as going through the Nether Portal so the hunters can’t get back. This is another genius idea, but it took Dream a while to set this trap up. The hunters had to die to get back, so Dream was very smart in that trap.

5. The last one is a TNT Minecart trap. He places the Minecart in a tree, and Dream breaks the leaf that was holding the Minecart while forcing the hunters to chase him to that tree. After he has escaped the TNT, it does a big amount of damage to the hunters who are right next to it, making this an excellent trap to kill hunters right off the bat. In most of Dream’s Manhunt videos, he is often able to defeat the Manhunters at the beginning with items he has crafted.

I like watching Dream’s videos! I am looking forward to doing some Minecraft clutches like Dream!


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