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5 Events at the Boston Marathon

By: Katherine Huang

Even if you have never watched a marathon, you have probably heard of the famous Boston Marathon. In this article, I’ll talk about the 5 main pop-outs of the Boston Marathon.

The excitement starts the night before the race. The MA government provides a free meal for all the racers. Friends and family can join in on the meal for $25. On the morning of the third Monday of April, the entire city gets ready for the marathon. People support the runners by making posters. Some organizations provide posters for free! For example, DoubleTree by Hilton Boston Downtown, provides posters for guests to make.

Next, we have the scream tunnel at the 13.1 mile or halfway mark. The screams can be heard 1 mile away. So, you should bring some ear plugs! Not only that, but the 13.1 half way mark (coincidentally) is right next to Wellesley College. Hundreds of students from the college have been known to come out and support the runners. People from other countries have also been known to cheer on their home countries runners too!

Next are individuals who are running for a cause. Most of the runners in the Boston Marathons are running for a cause that they believe in. One common charity is Team Miles for Miracles. Team Miles for Miracles runners run to raise money for Boston Children’s Hospital.

As runners approach the final and most unforgiving hill of the entire course, Heartbreak Hill, there is another wave of support waiting to cheer the runner them on. Boston College students have been known to come out and cheer the runners on. Elevation is only 88ft but is hard when muscle energy stores are depleted.

Last, we have volunteers. This marathon would not be possible without volunteers. The Boston Marathon gets over 10,000 volunteers a year! Volunteers help by passing out water and giving finished runners their medals.

In conclusion, I talked about the 5 main pop-outs of the Boston Marathon. The excitement before the race, the scream tunnel, running for charity, Heartbreak Hill, and lastly volunteers. Are you interested in the Boston Marathon? Why?

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