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42 Years Ago, an NFL Star Committed Murder-Suicide

By: Kathie Chu

A Good Man: The Jim Tyrer Story tells the story of a Chiefs’ offensive lineman who narrowly missed being inducted into the Football Hall of Fame. He shot and killed his wife and then himself on Sept. 15, 1980. According to the Washington Post, he had a conversation with his oldest son the night he committed the murder. His oldest son said, “My dad came in, probably around 9, and he basically had the conversation you have with your oldest son,” he continued, choking up a bit. “He had the conversation with me like he knew he was never going to see me again. At the time, it was just so out of context, and I was kind of focused on something else. Looking back, I remember that conversation really well. He was saying: ‘You’ve been a good son, and I’m proud of you. You need to take care of your brothers and sisters.’ It was just out of the blue. I was like, ‘Okay, Dad.’

He doesn’t belong in the football hall of fame because he is a murderer. The circumstances of the murder don’t give him a pass. Jefferey Dahmer also had brain damage so did the Chessboard Killer. He is not allowed a pass for his brain damage. It doesn’t matter that he could have been a good person. He is still a murderer.

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