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4-day work week - an effective method for appropriate people and companies

By: Stephen Chen

In recent years, the idea of a 4-day work week has become more and more popular. Companies across the world, and even some entire countries have shaved a day off the normal work week. In theory, the shorter week gives more break time and increases efficiency. Although this idea sounds promising, perhaps even revolutionary, we have to know its weakness and its strengths.

One day off a week could bring a good number of benefits for workers. These employees would like to have a rest for 3 days each week with their family and get much more relaxation such as having a family trip and a picnic to release stress from work. 4-day work week allows workers to do fewer tasks than before as well. After that, they will have a good mood to face any challenges in their careers. This happy mood will lead to higher productivity.

On the other hand, this 4-day workweek plan is not suitable for every worker and company. Some of the employees need to get their salary per hour, so maybe they have to find another job to make more money.

Similar to the employees, students will come up with better performance due to the one day more of a break in which they can do more studying and reviewing. Teachers are willing to have more break time with the same salary. However, different from the workers, students don’t have enough self-control ability to keep learning for 3 days without supervision from teachers.

All in all, a 4-day work week is likely to be a potential and effective way for a part of the society because of the one hundred years history of the 5-day work week. It’s hard to make a change in most the countries. If we just look at those appropriate companies and societies, a 4-day work week will be absolutely a good way to improve their lives.

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