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37-Year-Old Mother Qualifies for Olympics?

By: Amy Liu

As an American record holder for track and marathon, Keira D'Amato certainly stands out. From her story to her age, everything is unique about D’Amato’s career thus far.

D’ Amato, 37, entered the world of running purely by accident. After an ankle injury, she

immersed herself in running for exercise. Now that she is a mother to two children, and has spent exactly fourteen years immersed in the sport. D’Amato often uses running to help herself out of the lowest points of her life.

Now, she has peaked, finishing one goal after another. She had broken several world records,

finishing 8th in the World Athletics Championships marathon. However, every time she

would look back and say “I could do this better” or “I could have been faster”. This helped her


But time is running out for D’Amato, who still needs to qualify for the Olympics of 2024 to

achieve her lifelong dream. By the time of the competition, she would be only a few months

away from 40 years old.

D’Amato’s fate lies in the 2024 Summer Olympics; who knows what will happen.

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