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250 Preserved Mummies Found by Experts in Egypt.

By: Yi Qi

There was a collection of 250 painted mummies preserved in painted sarcophagi found in Egypt. The mummies are very well preserved for their age.

Mummies have been discovered by experts that look for these mummies and study them. They found a mummy collection that contain 250 mummies in beautiful painted sarcophagi (like coffins) in an Egypt pyramid. Mummies are preserved in coffins so they don’t rot and become very stinky over time.

"The Supreme Council of Antiquities unveiled the discovery of the largest cache of 150 bronze statues, dating back to the Late Period, in the cemetery of the sacred animals in Saqqara," Egypt's Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities said.

Crew have searched to make a discovery of a very special papyrus roll. One coffin contained a well-preserved papyrus written in hieroglyphs, maybe verses of the Book of the Dead, was shipped to a lab located in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo to be looked at by scientists. Mummies are preserved to show in the future and to protect them even to this day!

The book of dead is a roll of ancient paper that is filled with spells and verses for a journey to the afterlife to recite when the dead came to door guarded by demons. If they said the spell correctly they would be allowed to pass. The very last test was called the weighing of the heart. The heart was simply put on a scale with truth (which wass usually represented by a feather). If the heart was lighter you would go to the afterlife, but if the heart was heavier the persons journey would end in failure, and the heart would then be eaten by a monster called the Devourer. Another discovery is that 2 mummies were found with golden tongues

They also found two beautiful wooden statues with golden faces with all the mummies. "We found two beautiful wooden statues with golden faces of the deities Isis and Neftis, named the protectors of the coffin," said Al Saidi. "They were in a seated position [by one coffin], one of them by the head of the coffin and the other by the feet, in a position called 'the mourners' or 'weepers' for the deceased.”

At that discovery in Saqqara there were statues containing gods Anubis, Amun, Min, Osiris, Isis, Nefertum, Bastet and Hathor and also a headless statue that was the person that made the Saqqara pyramid.

Though the objects may be similar, they make up for their similarity with their sheer quality. And given how much territory archaeologists still have to uncover, it’s likely these finds are just the beginning. Saqqara’s dead may have been sad, but their resting place is finally giving up its secrets.


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