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25-year-old Jayland Walker was shot and killed

By: Charlie Wang

A shooting occurred in the parking lot in Akron, Ohio. The suspect was Jayland Walker, a 25-year-old man who was seen shooting at police during a traffic stop. Police immediately started firing at the gunman.

When police were chasing Walker, they saw him possess a firearm, but eventually, police managed to stop the rogue vehicle without getting hurt. Police said that the event occurred at 12:30 a.m. when police pulled over Walker in a neighborhood. When Walker slowed down, he jumped out of his car wearing a ski mask. This ended when police opened fire on him after giving him several warnings.

Officers won’t fire their weapons unless they are opposed to the threat. "When an officer makes the most critical decision in his or her life as a police officer, it doesn't matter where in the country this happens, when they make that most critical decision to point their firearm at another human being and pull the trigger, they've got to be ready to explain why they did what they did," Mylett said.

Despite the incident that happened a few days ago Mylett said that none of the officers have been investigated yet but will fully cooperate with the investigation.

Bobby DiCello, the attorney for the Walker family confirmed the most important key detail. It was that Walker was unarmed when out of the car. Mylett said that he was unarmed outside of the car but inside of the car they found a golden ring along with a pistol that was fully loaded.

During the day protests were peaceful but during the night the protests started going out of hand. Horrigan said, "as night fell and others began to join, the protests became no longer peaceful. There was significant property damage done to downtown Akron ... we cannot and will not tolerate the destruction of property or violence.”

On Monday July 4th Horrigan mayor of Akron announced a curfew from 9 p.m. to 6 am to stop this from happening again.

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