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25-year-old Jayland Walker shot in suspected police violence

By: Chloe Xiao

Police shot unarmed African American Jayland Walker during a car chase in a residential area, and police claim that they shot him for traffic violation and equipment violation.

On June 27th, Walker was being chased by police cars for a supposed traffic and equipment violation. Walker refused to pull over, and based on footage from police body cameras, it seems he shot a gun he had inside his car. Soon after, Walker stepped out of his car in a ski mask, and started to go off on foot. While the police continuously shouted at him and also used tasers, Walker didn’t stop. Soon after eight police pulled guns on him, with over 60 bullets being peppered into his body.

During a conference, Police Chief Mylett said that an officer needs to have a valid reason should they ever pull the trigger on another human, and that he cannot imagine the amount of pain Walker’s family is going through right now. Many people are now starting to protest in his community over this action, although the Walker family asked that things remain peaceful over this.

Links : abc NEWS

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