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215-pound python found

By: Eric Tian

On June 22, the Conservancy of Southwest Florida said that they had captured a 215-pound female Burmese python in Everglades: Florida’s national park. It was the heaviest python ever caught, easily beating the old record of 185.

When they examined the python, she was carrying 122 developed eggs. That was also the most developed eggs found in a female python during a breeding cycle. Biologists also found an adult White Tail Deer inside the python's stomach.

"The removal of female pythons plays a role in the breeding cycle of this apex that are wreaking on the Everglades and taking food sources from other native " said Ian Bartoszek, the Conservancy's environmental science project manager. "This is the wildlife issue of our time for southern Florida.

They found the python because of Dionysus or Dion, another python. Male pythons are attracted to large female pythons. Dion kept going to the exact same spot in the western Everglades, so they thought that Dion was meeting with a female.

The pythons were native in southeast Asia. They were then brought to America as pets. They put all the pythons in a breeding facility, but one day there was a huge hurricane, Hurricane Andrew, which was a level five hurricane. That means it was a really strong hurricane. The pythons escaped from the damage.

The Florida Officials gave up on eradicating this invasive species, so they tried to get rid of it. They used many ways like how they got the female python and they also used dogs that could sniff them. Every year there is something called the python challenge. If you can catch the python, you win money. In 2021, 223 Burmese pythons were removed from the Everglades.

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