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20 People Dead at Nightclub

By: Eric Tian

Police in South Africa is investigating the deaths of at least 20 people on early Sunday morning in the coastal town of East London.

It was unclear how the people, who were reportedly attending a party to celebrate the end of winter school exams, died.

Local newspaper Daily Dispatch reported that the bodies were scattered across tables and chairs, and they did not know how they died. “At this point we cannot confirm the cause of death,” said health department spokesperson Siyanda Manana.

The owner of the club, Siyakhangela Ndevu, told local broadcaster that he had been called to the scene early Sunday morning. "I am still uncertain about what really happened, but when I was called in the morning I was told the place was too full and that some people were trying to force their way into the tavern," he said. "However, we will hear what the police say about the cause of death," Ndevu added.

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