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17-Year-Old Top Cyclist Dies After Being Hit By Car

By: Brady Cheng

17-year-old Magnus White died after a driver hit him on the shoulder while cycling in Boulder, Colorado.

Magnus White began cycling when he was 2, started racing when he was 8, and quickly rose up the ranks of the cycling community. White was a member of USA Cycling’s junior men’s national team, and he won the 2021 USA Cyclocross Junior Men’s National Championship.

He was riding on his bike when the crash happened.

“White was riding on the shoulder of Highway 119, known as the Diagonal, in Boulder on Saturday afternoon when he was hit by a 23-year-old woman driving a Toyota Matrix. The driver crossed from the right-hand lane onto the shoulder, striking White from behind before she crashed into a fence, according to an incident report from the Colorado State Patrol. White was transported to the hospital and pronounced dead.” NPR reported.

White was also an avid skier and a committed student. He planned to graduate from high school a semester early so he could focus on international competition in spring 2024.

White was always very important to his friends and family, who said he made them smile.

"Our hearts are heavy as we mourn the tragic loss of our beloved son, Magnus White,” Michael and Jill White said. “Magnus was dedicated to his family and friends and loved to surround them with laughter. He had an amazing smile that always lit up the room, bringing joy to those around him."

Magnus was very special, and his loss has affected a lot of people, not only his family. Next time, you should encourage people to watch out for bikers so that a tragic incident does not happen again.

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