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17-Year-Old Dominique Claseman Makes A Memorial For His Town in Minnesota

By: Olivia Gao

In Olivia Minnesota, there was an Eagle Scout called Dominique Claseman, and he saw that his hometown didn’t have a veteran memorial for this town and the people in the town were either veterans or descendants from veterans. And he was determined to make a change to that. So, his Eagle Scout project was to make a veteran’s memorial.

Since his family had roots in the military, he was so excited and determined to start! His dad, Mark Jurgensen who was a veteran and surprisingly was the scoutmaster, also decided to join in and help him. "I was originally picturing just a walkway with 21 boot steps and pavers on the side, along with a main stone and a couple flags,"

Claseman said for the plan.

He fundraised for the memorial by telling neighbors and speaking out at many local events. At the end, he raised exactly $77,777as he had planned.

When the cement was almost done and 280 engraved pavers were on, his dad put on his combat boots in the military and walked on the cement to make prints. When it was finally done it was shown in public on Memorial Day. During the ceremony Jurgensen said, "It was nice being able to be part of that. Being a veteran myself, getting that peace out there for other veterans, that their families have a place to go to remember their service or remember their loved ones."

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