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14,299 Attend Mass Boxing Class in Mexico City, Breaking World Record

By: Jason Youssef

At the Zocalo, the main square of Mexico City, 14,299 people attend a mass boxing class where fifteen current and former Mexican Boxers teach them. These fifteen boxers bring in their fair share of fame to Mexico.

Before the class was held, it was understood that if the class was to break the world record at the Red Square, they would need it to be continuous, with only short stops. Only two, 20-second stops were given in order to hydrate the class.

The class lasted 30 minutes. This mass boxing class was planned and hosted by The Sports Institute of Mexico City. This mass boxing class broke the previous world record for the number of attendees by more than four-times, with the previous record being set in Russia, where their record was 3,250.

Before the event began, people who participated in this mass class were given shirts with the colors of Mexico’s flag on them. The person who came up with this idea of a colorful representation of Mexico was Javier Hidalgo Ponce, the director of The Sports Institute of Mexico City.

Credits: ESPN - Mexico City sets world record after 14,299 attend mass boxing class

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