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104 Marathons in 104 Days

By: Roya Li

Can you run 104 Marathons in 104 Days? Most people couldn’t. But Jacky Hunt-Broersma made it.

When Jacky was 26 years old, her left ankle developed bone cancer, so she just has half of her left leg.

After hearing about Alyssa Amos Clark's record-breaking 95 marathon runs in 2020, the ultrarunner was inspired to take up the marathon challenge. "Well, it would be fun to try,” Jackie thought, “especially running on a prosthetic leg..."

Her original goal was to complete 100 marathons. To make sure she didn't run away again, Jackie made four excuses. Along the way, she helped the nonprofit Blade Runner raise more than $190,000. The company provides running blades to amputees for more than $10,000 a set.

Jacky has competed in some high-profile events like the Boston Marathon and the Lost Dutchman in Arizona. However, the marathons were tough to run every day, and she did most of her runs on the winding dirt roads near her house or on a treadmill. During her 104-day quest, she logged an astonishing 2,728.8 miles, ate 100 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and wore out 10 pairs of running shoes.

As excited as she is about her accomplishment, Jacky is far from done. The ultrarunner now has her sights set on the Moab 240. The grueling 240-mile run includes traversing some of the most challenging terrain in Utah. In preparation for the event, Jacky plans to complete a 100-mile run sometime this summer.

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