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1000-Year-Old Viking Coins Uncovered In Denmark

By: Sammy Wang

A young girl was using a metal detector two months ago, wandering around a cornfield in Hobro, Denmark,. The metal detector picked up metal around the area and led the girl to a trove near a Viking fortress site, the Fyrkat Viking Ringfort. Upon unearthing the trove, the girl found multiple old silver coins.

These were Viking coins that archeologists believe date back to the 980s CE. There were around 300 coins discovered, some intact, others in pieces. Archeologists also found Danish, Arab, and Germanic coins among the hoard. There were also pieces of jewelry originating from Scotland or Ireland buried underneath the coins, indicating that Vikings had traded with coins and jewelry.

Some coins had strange words imprinted on them, while others had designs showing the value of the coin.

For example, this coin had markings that are unknown for now.

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