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10-Year-Old Michaela Togias Wins a Soccer Scholarship in the UK

By: Audrey Xie

10-year-old Michaela Togias, is going to compete in the UK on the world stage, playing soccer as the youngest one there.

“There were 60 girls at the showcase and I was a little nervous because I was the youngest and smallest there, but I just gave it my all and had fun,” she stated.

“At the end of the showcase the scouts asked to speak to my mum and told her that I have what it takes to play in the UK, hearing that from them put a big smile on my face,”

Michaela always tried to do her best even if it was hard. She didn’t just give up when she saw that other players were so much older than her, she stayed strong.

“Her selection for the scholar ship is well earned and deserved,” John Pladas, the Director of Global Football Network reported.

Even Hayley Butler, an Olympian and sprint coach thinks she has great potential in the future for a career in soccer. “She always gives 100 percent effort during our speed sessions and at such a young age demonstrates so much talent and determination,” Butler said about Michaela.


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